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Metaverses are alternate realities that can be explored and utilized for various purposes. They offer the opportunity to immerse oneself in unique worlds, interact with diverse characters, and experience new adventures. The use of metaverses presents us with unlimited possibilities for entertainment, creativity, and learning.

Metaverse News

Metaverse News: Saudi Arabia launched a metaverse to get to know the country
Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture has announced the Cultural Universe initiative, which aims to give people an insight into the country's historical past.
Metaverse News: The global market for metaverses will grow a hundredfold by 2030
The market of metaverse games is a virtual space where players interact in real-time, blending the physical and digital realms. With the use of technological advancements such as AR and..
Metaverse News: Finland has developed a Metaverse strategy for global leadership by 2035
Finland has recently unveiled an ambitious strategy that aims to establish the country as a dominant player in the rapidly evolving metaverse landscape. The Finnish government's..
Metaverse News: The next digital transition must be in line with EU values
MEPs are calling for the European Union to play a prominent role in shaping virtual worlds that uphold EU values and fundamental rights, while also prioritizing consumer protection..
Metaverse News: NetDragon invests $20 million in Rokid, building partnership to realize Metaverse capabilities
NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited, a global leader in building internet communities, has recently completed a strategic investment of US$20 million as the lead investor in Rokid Corporation..
Metaverse News: Surglasses raised $6.5 million to finance new AR technology in surgery
Surglasses, a cutting-edge company at the forefront of augmented reality (AR) technology for surgical procedures, has recently concluded a highly successful funding round, raising..
Metaverse News: Microsoft plans to improve the efficiency of the industrial metaverse with AI
At Ignite 2023, Microsoft made an exciting announcement regarding their strategic initiative to revolutionize industrial workflows. They plan to achieve this by integrating generative AI..
Metaverse News: Augmedics: groundbreaking augmented reality in surgical precision
In the realm of modern healthcare, the fusion of medicine and technology plays a crucial role in creating accuracy and innovation. Augmedics, based in Arlington Heights, USA, is..