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Mining News

Mining News: Core Scientific returns to NASDAQ and plans to increase capacity to 1 GW.
Core Scientific, a bitcoin mining company, has announced its return to the NASDAQ stock exchange. Starting January 24, 2024, the company's shares will trade under the tickers CORZ, CORZW..
Mining News: Investment company Deus X intends to invest in Bitcoin mining
Deus X, an investment company with $1 billion under management, recently announced its plans to invest in bitcoin mining.
Mining News: Bitcoin miners have sold more than 10,000 BTC in the last 24 hours
On January 17, 2024, bitcoin miners sold 10,600 BTC valued at $455 million, resulting in a decline in reserves to the lowest level in a year.
Mining News: Bitcoin hashrate drops 34% due to cold weather in Texas
A significant drop in the hashrate of the leading cryptocurrency was the result of extremely cold weather in Texas, where a significant number of bitcoin miners are concentrated.
Mining News: Phoenix Group enters into a $187 million deal with Bitmain to supply mining equipment
Phoenix Group recently partnered with Bitmain, a leading player in the mining hardware industry.
Mining News: Bitcoin hashrate continues to grow, leading to a drop in miners' income
On December 26, the computing power used by the Bitcoin (BTC) network reached an all-time high. However, the profitability of mining in the blockchain of the leading cryptocurrency began..
Mining News: Miners' profits in December could reach more than $1.4 billion
Bitcoin miners have already accumulated a total of 4,055 Bitcoins, equivalent to $170 million, in December. The overall earnings for this month could reach $1.4 billion.
Mining News: Blockstream announced the issue of ASIC (BASIC) Note 2 bonds
Blockstream, a company specializing in Bitcoin infrastructure development, has recently announced its intention to launch a new series of investment instruments called Blockstream ASIC..
Mining News: The Bitcoin halving has recently sparked intense rivalry between miners
Experts are warning that the Bitcoin halving procedure, which reduces the block reward for BTC by 50%, could have a negative impact on some Bitcoin miners. They predict a "battle..
Mining News: Antpool surpasses Foundry USA in the ranking of the best Bitcoin mining pools in November 2023
According to a report from MinerMag, Antpool, a subsidiary of Bitmain, has overtaken Foundry USA to become the largest Bitcoin mining pool. This achievement comes as Antpool mined more..
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