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Halving news

Halving: Mining company Hut 8 published a report on a 36% decrease in Bitcoin mining
Canadian mining company Hut 8 has presented its results for the month of April 2024. As reported by The Miner Mag, the company successfully mined 148 BTC during this period.
Halving: Binance CEO considers new halving «unique»
Binance exchange CEO Richard Teng stated that the upcoming halving is happening amid special circumstances. Teng linked the upcoming developments to the following elements..
Halving: Bitcoin miners are hunting for the «epic satoshi» in anticipation of the halving
Bitcoin miners are in an exciting race to be the first to process the block following the fourth halving as it contains the coveted "epic satoshi". This exciting event is reported..
Halving: Experts believe that halving will have a positive impact on the environmental friendliness of Bitcoin mining
The upcoming halving event should increase the sustainability and green credentials of the bitcoin network, incentivizing miners to switch to renewable energy sources..
Halving: Analyst believes Bitcoin miners could sell $5 billion of Bitcoin after halving
According to 10x Research analyst Marcus Thielen, bitcoin miners could sell $5 billion worth of bitcoin after the halving.
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Halving: Another forecast from Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin at $2.3 million
American businessman, financial guru and author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki has shared a fresh prediction on the price of the major digital currency.
Halving: Bitcoin mining difficulty decreased by 0.98%
On March 28, 2024, Bitcoin mining difficulty reached 83.13 T. According to, this figure has decreased by 0.98% since the last adjustment.
Halving: JPMorgan analysts believe that Bitcoin may continue to fall
Financial analysts at JPMorgan Chase have published new forecasts for the value of major digital currencies. Despite the recent price correction, bitcoin seems to remain in the overbought..
Halving: TOKEN2049 Brings Industry Leaders and Groundbreaking Concepts to Dubai
For years, TOKEN2049 has been one of the most important events on the crypto calendar. Thanks to a combination of star-studded speakers, top sponsors, and cutting-edge panels, it has become..
Halving: Bitcoin price fell below $66,000 with a further correction into the range of $68,000
On the night of March 15, 2024, the price of bitcoin briefly fell to $66,700. Then the cryptocurrency successfully recovered the lost positions.