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Discord: GPT360 - SuperApp for innovative crypto marketing and community engagement
In the fast-evolving digital world, where Web3 technologies are gaining popularity, GPT360 stands as a leading platform bridging the dynamic spheres of Web2 and Web3. Offering a wide array..
Discord: Music NFT: What is It and How It Works?
Music NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens recorded on a blockchain designed to represent music alongside art, contracts, images, and books. With the advent of NFTs, various industries..
Discord: North Korean hackers use AI to carry out cyberattacks
North Korean hackers have begun to use the capabilities of artificial intelligence to attack government, military, financial organizations and cryptocurrency companies. This was reported..
Discord: A Breakdown of the Cryptocurrency «Pump and Dump»
The Pump & Dump (P&D) money making mechanism has been very popular in the cryptocurrency space..
Discord: The Anatomy of a Crypto Ponzi Scheme
Crypto scams have become such a prevalent phenomenon in the cryptocurrency space that they have become a topic of discussion at the annual Financial Cryptography and Data Security..
Discord: What can you already do in the metaverse in 2024?
The metaverse is in its infancy. It could be many years before the world sees its full potential. However, that doesn’t mean it's entirely out of reach. Read on to learn what you can already..
Discord: WorldCoin integrates Shopify, Mercado Libre, Minecraft, Reddit and Telegram
It has been reported that the Worldcoin platform has launched a new version of its World ID feature, known as World ID 2.0.
Discord: Casio plans to introduce a new NFT Virtual G-SHOCK collection
Inspired by the timely success of their previous free batch of NFT G-SHOCKs, Casio is set to unveil another exclusive collection of Virtual G-SHOCK NFTs on December 15th..