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Transactions: Binance Announces Participation in Global Travel Rule to Comply with FATF Requirements
Cryptocurrency platform Binance announced its participation in Global Travel Rules (GTR), a global network of virtual asset service providers. The main goal of the initiative is to comply..
Transactions: Buy Bitcoin With Cash: 5 Ways to Purchase Cryptocurrency in Person
Buying bitcoin online isn’t always as simple and easy as it should be. Fortunately, you can also buy bitcoin in person with cash. Read on to discover five ways to purchase cryptocurrency..
Transactions: How Does Tokenization Work? A Beginner's Guide to Tokenized Assets
The emergence of blockchain technology has birthed the tokenization of assets, enabling the digitization of real-world and digital assets. Read on to learn what tokenization is, how it..
Transactions: TON announced integration with Fireblocks with financial support from DWF Labs
Blockchain team TON, with participation from DWF Labs, has announced an integration with cryptocurrency custodian Fireblocks. As part of the partnership, the company will provide its Web3..
Transactions: What Is a Bitcoin Mixer? Complete Guide 2024
The idea of Bitcoin is to decouple the government from finance ensuring that each system performs its functions independently. Bitcoin is thus a system that functions on the ideals..
Transactions: Bitcoin Mixer: What Is It & How It Works
Bitcoin mixers are a solution for those who value their privacy and want to make Bitcoin transactions anonymously..
Transactions: Coinbase: Blockchain could save US residents $74 billion a year
Coinbase recently published a report that outlines the potential savings that U.S. residents could realise through the use of blockchain technology.
Transactions: Spain will be able to seize crypto assets to pay tax debts
The Ministry of Finance of Spain intends to strengthen supervision of cryptocurrencies in the country, seeking to arrest digital assets to pay off tax debts. This is reported by local media.
Transactions: ICO Ethereum participant’s wallet woke up after 8.5 years and transferred 97.9 ETH
A participant in the Ethereum Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has transferred 97.9 ETH to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, the value of the transferred tokens is..
Transactions: What Can Blockchain Do? Top 10 Blockchain Technology Use Cases
While blockchain technology is typically spoken about in the context of cryptocurrencies, this new technology has been adapted to serve several use cases beyond the scope of crypto assets..