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Binance launches small and mid-cap initiative

Market and Events: Binance launches small and mid-cap initiative

Cryptocurrency trading platform Binance aims to address the prevalence of tokens with low market capitalization compared to their fully diluted value (FDV). To address this issue, Binance is launching a new initiative to support new projects.

Binance officials highlighted the release of a recent publication titled "Low Float & High FDV: How Did We Get There?" that sheds light on the negative impact of new limited float and high FDV tokens on the industry.

In an effort to create a "strong and durable marketplace ecosystem," the Binance team decided to support small and medium-sized startups. These projects include tokens with sufficient supply for users and modest #capitalization compared to peers.

The platform will make it easier for these projects to register on Launchpool and Megadrop platforms and provide them with additional growth prospects. However, developers wishing to participate in the program must demonstrate the sustainability of their business model and a strong community, Binance said in a statement.

The exchange outlined specific criteria for participation, including:

  • Modest to moderate project valuation.
  • Significant token distribution to users.
  • Controlled token distribution during token generation events (TGE).
  • Strong product-market fit (PMF) and compliance with other conditions.

If a project meets the selection criteria, developers can express their interest in joining the new initiative by filling out a special form and sending it to Binance representatives.

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