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Win 10 USDT with daily contest on CryptoFingers Telegram

Information: Win 10 USDT with daily contest on CryptoFingers Telegram

Dear friends, readers and subscribers of portal, where we publish daily news of the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and everything related to them!

From January 17, 2024 and onwards every day (until further notice), except weekends and holidays, our website will hold a contest in our Telegram chat with a prize of 10 USDT to the winners*.

Terms of participation

  1. It is necessary to subscribe to our chat and channel in Telegram.
  2. Every day on our portal appears a lot of news, articles, reviews and other publications. You can take a link to any of the latest posts (published in the last 3 days) and place this link in your account as a post in any of the following 7 social networks: Telegram (if you have your own channel), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Reddit and VK. You can add any relevant text, hashtags or description to your post if you wish. Or simply click on the social media button on the selected news page on our website to share it immediately.
  3. Then you copy the link (URL) to the post you created into our Telegram chat along with your BEP-20 address and the hashtag "#contest" (all these 3 items: link, wallet address and tag should go in one single message) and wait for the prize if you are lucky enough to win today. Let's trust that you will win ✌
  4. During the draw (1 day) a user is allowed to post 1 link to any material on each of the social networks. Thus, 1 contestant can make a maximum of 7 posts (based on the number of allowed social networks) per day. Obviously, the probability of winning increases if you make multiple posts.

Prizes and payouts

  1. Every day, except weekends and holidays, one winner will be randomly selected among those who have posted in our chat room according to the rules described above. The winner's message will be tagged by the chat administrator.
  2. The payment of 10 USDT will be made to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC, BEP-20) address you specified in your winning message.
  3. We will be grateful if after receiving the prize you write to the chat and cheer up the contestants, as the next new day will bring new fresh news and winners!

Share the news, they are interesting and useful!
Our common mission is to tell the world how beautiful the decentralized world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is!

We wish everyone good luck!

We would also like to remind you that we are looking for authors of news, articles and analytical materials for our portal. Join our team →

* The contest is held as a part of the website promotion. The organizer of the promotion - the administration of the website reserves the right to refuse to pay the prize in case of suspicion of fraud and to make changes to the terms of the contest at any time, as well as to suspend or terminate it without prior notice by updating the information on this page.

Share this news and win 10 USDT with daily contest on CryptoFingers Telegram.
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