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In Turkey they told which tourists become «prisoners» of hotels

Economy: In Turkey they told which tourists become «prisoners» of hotels

The "all-inclusive" system in Turkish hotels has long been a topic of debate within the tourism industry. While it offers convenience and a sense of security for tourists, there are concerns that it hinders cultural exploration and negatively impacts local businesses.

Mehmet Akbaba, the head of the Turkish Association of Tour Operators (TÜRSAB) in Kemer, argues that tourists who opt for the "all-inclusive" system miss out on the opportunity to truly experience the local culture. They become confined to the hotel premises, missing out on the chance to explore the region, interact with locals, and support local businesses such as restaurants and shops.

Akbaba suggests that a transition to a hybrid approach, where tourists can choose the services they desire, would allow them to have a more fulfilling vacation experience and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Support for this idea has been voiced by Kaan Kavaloğlu, the chairman of the Association of Hoteliers and Managers of the Mediterranean. He proposed abandoning the "all-inclusive" system and adopting a hybrid model that allows tourists to select only the options they need. Several representatives of the tourism industry have expressed their support for this proposal.

One of the reasons behind the shift away from the "all-inclusive" system is the issue of food waste. Many hotels find themselves discarding a significant amount of food after meals because tourists tend to take more than they actually need. This not only contributes to environmental concerns but also affects the profitability of local businesses. Additionally, local vendors have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current situation, as they struggle to compete with hotels that offer all services included in the package.

However, there are those who argue that the "all-inclusive" system is essential for attracting a larger number of tourists and ensuring their convenience and comfort. They believe that abandoning this system could lead to a decrease in tourist numbers and financial losses for hoteliers.

Data from the Turkish Hoteliers Association (TÜROB) shows that all-inclusive is popular among tourists, especially from #Russia and #Germany. However, it also reduces the income of local businesses such as restaurants and shops, which cannot compete with #hotels that offer all services included in the price.

Ultimately, the question of whether to maintain the "all-inclusive" system in #Turkish hotels remains open and requires further discussion and the search for compromise solutions that take into account the interests and needs of both tourists and local entrepreneurs.

A hybrid approach that allows tourists to choose the services they desire while also supporting the local economy could be a potential solution. This would enable tourists to have a more enriching vacation experience while also benefiting the local community.

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