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Mining Difficulty news

Mining Difficulty: Mining company Hut 8 published a report on a 36% decrease in Bitcoin mining
Canadian mining company Hut 8 has presented its results for the month of April 2024. As reported by The Miner Mag, the company successfully mined 148 BTC during this period.
Mining Difficulty: Bitcoin mining difficulty decreased by 0.98%
On March 28, 2024, Bitcoin mining difficulty reached 83.13 T. According to, this figure has decreased by 0.98% since the last adjustment.
Mining Difficulty: Bitcoin mining difficulty reaches new all-time high
On February 15, 2024, bitcoin mining difficulty reached a new milestone, reaching an all-time high of 81.73T.
Mining Difficulty: Bitcoin halving is on the horizon, less than 10,000 blocks left
According to BitcoinBlockHalf portal, the upcoming bitcoin halving will happen on April 21, 2024. The remaining number of blocks to be processed before this event is less than 10,000.
Mining Difficulty: On February 2, Bitcoin mining difficulty reached new highs
Bitcoin mining difficulty peaked on 2 February 2024, rising to 75.50T. According to, this figure has increased by 7.33% since the last cutoff. Currently, the average hashrate..
Mining Difficulty: Bitcoin hashrate drops 34% due to cold weather in Texas
A significant drop in the hashrate of the leading cryptocurrency was the result of extremely cold weather in Texas, where a significant number of bitcoin miners are concentrated.
Mining Difficulty: Bitcoin hashrate continues to grow, leading to a drop in miners' income
On December 26, the computing power used by the Bitcoin (BTC) network reached an all-time high. However, the profitability of mining in the blockchain of the leading cryptocurrency began..
Mining Difficulty: Miners' profits in December could reach more than $1.4 billion
Bitcoin miners have already accumulated a total of 4,055 Bitcoins, equivalent to $170 million, in December. The overall earnings for this month could reach $1.4 billion.
Mining Difficulty: Reuters published a report on Bitcoin mining
The leading cryptocurrency is set to face a critical year as the highly anticipated halving event approaches in the spring. According to experts at Reuters, the mining industry is currently..