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United States of America - USA news

United States of America (USA): A bill on the security of AI systems has been introduced to the US Senate
US Senators Mark Warner and Thom Tillis have put forward a proposal aimed at monitoring security issues by creating a repository to document breaches in artificial intelligence systems.
United States of America (USA): The founder of the Binance exchange, Changpeng Zhao, was sentenced to 4 months in prison
On April 30, 2024, a United States court delivered a verdict in the case of Changpeng Zhao, the former CEO of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world..
United States of America (USA): US and UK authorities have begun analyzing USDT transfers through the Russian exchange Garantex
Regulators in the US and the UK have launched an inspection of digital currency transactions on Russian platform Garantex worth more than $20 billion, Bloomberg sources report.
United States of America (USA): The US accuses KuCoin and its owners of money laundering and defrauding their investors
The US Federal Prosecutor's Office has filed a complaint against cryptocurrency platform KuCoin and its two creators, entrepreneurs Chun Gang and Ke Tang.
United States of America (USA): VanEck believes that the blockchain industry will receive support if Trump wins the US elections
The potential triumph of politician Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential race is expected to have a positive impact on the development of the cryptocurrency sector. This view was..
United States of America (USA): The US government controls over 210,000 BTC
According to CryptoQuant analysts, the US government owns 210,392 BTC (worth $14.42 billion), which puts it among the largest holders of bitcoin.
United States of America (USA): 48% of crypto asset users in the US are ready to vote for Trump in the elections
Investment company Paradigm has published the results of a survey of voters about their political leanings. One of the questions asked to the survey participants was about their voting..
United States of America (USA): A US court ordered Binance founder Changpeng Zhao to surrender his Canadian passport
A US district court has changed the bail conditions for Changpeng Zhao (CZ), founder of cryptocurrency platform Binance, requiring him to surrender his Canadian passport, which the WSJ..
United States of America (USA): Biden administration plans to impose 30% electricity tax on mining companies
The administration of US President John Biden has initiated the introduction of a 30 percent tax on electricity from mining companies.
United States of America (USA): The US government transferred about $947 million in bitcoins that were seized from Bitfinex hackers
The U.S. government has transferred 15,085 BTC (equivalent to approximately $947 million) seized after the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. This information was disclosed..