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Blockchain & Crypto Glossary

Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Whitelabel Product?
A whitelabel product is a product or service which is produced by one entity but rebranded by another entity to make it appear as if they had made it.
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is White Hat Computer Hacker?
A white hat hacker is a computer hacker who works in an ethical manner to combat cyber criminals and their malicious efforts to steal data or commit fraud. White hat hackers identify..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Whale?
A crypto whale is a high-net-worth individual (HNWI) — or organization — that holds a large amount of a specific cryptocurrency. While there is no exact monetary threshold, a whale's asset..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is WeNano App (Nano)?
The Nano protocol can also be leveraged by network participants who make use of the WeNano mobile app. WeNano is a social wallet that facilitates payments and donations to other community..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Wei?
Wei is the smallest denomination of ether (ETH). 1 ETH is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 wei (10^18).
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Wedge (Technical Formation)?
A wedge is a technical formation used in technical analysis (TA) that often signifies a reversal in the price of an asset. The two main types of wedges are rising wedges and falling wedges..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is WebSocket?
WebSocket is a computer communications protocol which enables two-way, interactive communication between a web browser or other client and a server.
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is WebAuthn?
Short for Web Authentication, WebAuthn is an online authentication tool for online environments. WebAuthn allows users to authenticate their identity and verify their accounts using..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is WebAssembly (WASM)?
WebAssembly (WASM) is an industry-standard programming language for running binary programs in web browsers with near-native performance. WASM's main goal is to enable high performance web..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web3 Foundation?
Founded by Gavin Wood, the Web3 Foundation is a Switzerland-based nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of web3 technologies. Web3 is envisioned as the next era of the internet and is..