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Blockchain & Crypto Glossary

Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web Wallet?
A web wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that is accessed via a web browser. Many web wallets are custodial services run by cryptocurrency exchanges. Web wallets are considered 'hot wallets..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web of Trust (Status)?
Within the Status Network, the Web of Trust is a decentralized reputation system in which users deposit tokens against usernames to indicate that they trust the user.
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web Application Firewall (WAF)?
A web application firewall (WAF) is a specific type of application firewall that filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from a specified web service. A WAF sits between external..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web Application?
A web application is an application software or program that runs on a web server rather than a device's operating system. Web applications are accessible through a web browser..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web 3.0 (Web3)?
The term Web 3.0 refers to a vision of the third generation of computing, which anticipates that technologies like blockchain will decentralize the internet and disintermediate Web 2..
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Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web 2.0 (Web2)?
The realization of Web 2.0 began in the early 2000's. This second wave of internet innovation is characterized by its read-write and interactive design model. Platforms such as Amazon..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Web 1.0 (Web1)?
Web 1.0 was initially launched in the early 1990s when the internet first began to enjoy mainstream adoption. Web 1.0 was primarily a static, read-only infrastructure which generally lacked..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Weak Hands?
The term "weak hands" is used in the crypto space to refer to an investor who chooses to sell their investments when there is a substantial dip in the market, taking a loss..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Waves NG?
In the Waves network, the mechanism that selects which node can generate the next block is called Waves-NG. This mechanism separates the Waves blockchain into key blocks and microblocks..
Blockchain & Crypto Glossary: What is Watchlist?
A watchlist is a mechanism, usually web-based, that allows users to create a list of cryptocurrencies they wish to follow or track to better research projects they are considering investing..