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Satoshi Nakamoto news

Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin miners are hunting for the «epic satoshi» in anticipation of the halving
Bitcoin miners are in an exciting race to be the first to process the block following the fourth halving as it contains the coveted "epic satoshi". This exciting event is reported..
Satoshi Nakamoto: On April 5, the crypto community celebrates the birthday of a possible Satoshi Nakamoto
On the 5th of April, the crypto community commemorates the purported birth anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto, the presumed inventor of bitcoin. Despite the community's designated date..
Satoshi Nakamoto: BitMEX experts believe that Satoshi Nakamoto's email was hacked in 2014
On September 8, 2014, the email of the man behind bitcoin known as Satoshi Nakamoto was hacked by outsiders. This became known from experts associated with BitMEX.
Satoshi Nakamoto: Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake
Over the past few years, awareness of blockchain technology has grown exponentially. Major institutions and key figures in business and politics are now aware of the technologies potential..
Satoshi Nakamoto: A major Bitcoin whale from the time of Satoshi sold 1000 BTC for $68 million
Satoshi Nakamoto-era bitcoin whale sold 1,000 BTC when the first cryptocurrency hit an all-time high (ATH) of $69,129. By selling the asset, the user received US$68.3 million.
Satoshi Nakamoto: A Beginner's Guide to the Cryptocurrency Market: Understanding the Basics, Risks, and Opportunities
In recent years, cryptocurrencies have emerged as a revolutionary force in the world of finance, offering new opportunities for investment, innovation, and decentralized transactions..
Satoshi Nakamoto: In the court in the Wright case, correspondence with Satoshi Nakamoto for 2008-2009 was presented
A legal battle involving programmer Craig Wright is unfolding in the UK. Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, appeared as a witness and showed correspondence with the mysterious bitcoin creator..
Satoshi Nakamoto: What Happens When All 21 Million Bitcoin Are Mined?
One of Bitcoin’s strongest features is its limited supply. The digital currency’s design gives it a maximum total supply of 21 million coins..
Satoshi Nakamoto: What is Blockchain? How Does Blockchain Work?
When Satoshi Nakamoto sent an email to a cryptography mailing list for an electronic cash system in 2008, he detailed the features of a network that was designed to function..
Satoshi Nakamoto: Craig Wright, who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto, has once again made a weak showing in court
On February 13, 2024, a routine hearing was held in the legal dispute between the Crypto Open Patent Alliance and programmer Craig Wright. During the hearing, Wright discovered that he could..