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On April 5, the crypto community celebrates the birthday of a possible Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin: On April 5, the crypto community celebrates the birthday of a possible Satoshi Nakamoto

On the 5th of April, the crypto community commemorates the purported birth anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto, the presumed inventor of #bitcoin. Despite the community's designated date for festivities, there exists no definitive verification of this claim.

The speculation concerning the birthdate of the pioneer of the primary digital currency revolves around his enrollment on the P2P Foundation online forum. The date of April 5, 1975, is recorded in the relevant section of the programmer's profile on the platform. Consequently, the individual behind bitcoin could potentially be 49 years old today.

Given the absence of alternative sources regarding Nakamoto's potential birthday within the online realm, the community has established this day as a significant occasion. Nevertheless, numerous specialists and participants highlight that considering the developer's inclination towards anonymity, the information might lack authenticity.

As per several analysts, Satoshi Nakamoto deliberately selected April 5, creating a form of "password". This date coincides with the issuance of Executive Order No. 6102 by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

The executive order prohibited the possession of gold coins, bars, or certificates, compelling Americans to surrender substantial amounts of the precious metal to the #U.S. Federal Reserve in exchange for fiat currency.

A segment of the community speculates that Nakamoto might have chosen this date due to its symbolic significance. Drawing an analogy, they reference the genesis block of bitcoin, which includes the headline from a Times article - "Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks".

The article highlighted the challenges faced by the UK banking sector and the government's efforts to address these issues. Some individuals argue that by this action, Satoshi underscored the fragility of the traditional financial industry.

It is worth noting that the email of the bitcoin creator was reportedly compromised in 2014.

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