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A new profile of the alleged payment system has appeared on Twitter (X)

Web3: A new profile of the alleged payment system has appeared on Twitter (X)

A fresh account has emerged on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), which is owned by Ilon Musk.

The profile under the username XPayments is associated with a payment system that Musk's team is purportedly developing.

The XPayments profile has been verified and has chosen the X logo as its avatar. Furthermore, X Payments LLC has received approval to carry out financial transactions in 12 states in the #United States in December 2023.

Among the more than 100,000 subscribers of XPayments, #Elon himself is not included. He has not provided any comment on the matter. However, Musk and his team have confirmed their plans to launch a payment system of some kind by mid-2024. Ilon has previous experience with such launches - he was the one who founded the online bank in 1999, which later became PayPal. In 2002, Musk sold #PayPal to eBay Marketplace and is now uninvolved with the popular money transfer system.

The debate revolves not only around whether XPayments is truly Musk's company. Supporters of the idea have divided into two groups - those who believe the system will be based on Dogecoin and those who doubt the integration of cryptocurrency.

Once again, there are arguments on both sides. Some point to X's withdrawal of support for #NFTs and its distancing from cryptocurrency in general. Others recall Musk's plans not only to colonize Mars but also to establish a crypto economy there.

However, the latter can be explained by the possibility that Ilon not only indulges in questionable substances during his Youtube podcasts but also pays attention to more potent substances. At least, that's what an article published by the Wall Street Journal suggests.

The publication highlighted that Musk's personal interests could impact not only his health but also how he manages his companies and the statements he makes. Nevertheless, Ilon has refuted these claims, stating that tests conducted over the past three years have shown no evidence of such behavior.

The news appears to have influenced the exchange rate of DOGE. While the other top 10 cryptocurrencies experienced a decline over the past week, #Dogecoin saw a 2.7% increase.

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