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Revolut has announced a partnership with crypto wallet MetaMask

Web3: Revolut has announced a partnership with crypto wallet MetaMask

Neobank Revolut will partner with digital currency wallet MetaMask, CoinDesk reports, citing an official statement.

As part of the partnership, the bank is expected to introduce the Revolut Ramp feature, which will allow users to fund the MetaMask wallet directly from their Revolut account.

Lorenzo Santosa, product manager at #Consensys said:

"The essence of this collaboration is to respond to our users' requests - to give them more power over their digital assets in a simple way, using a platform they are already familiar with and trust."

He also emphasized that this move will play a crucial role in the wider adoption of digital currencies.

Looking back at past developments, in February 2024, Revolut announced plans to create a digital currency trading platform for experienced traders, offering a comprehensive understanding of the market and a wide range of services.

Additionally, in October 2023, it was revealed that the #MasterCard payment network is considering partnerships with several digital currency wallet providers, including #Ledger and #MetaMask.

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