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Solana Mobile plans to release a budget version of the Saga smartphone

Altcoins: Solana Mobile plans to release a budget version of the Saga smartphone

Solana Mobile, the company known for its Saga smartphone, is about to release a new budget model.

The upcoming device will have the same extensive features as its predecessor, including a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, #dApps store and various blockchain solutions. However, the new gadget will have different hardware specifications and will be available at a lower price.

The #Saga smartphone, which hit the market in May 2023, was initially priced at $1,000 before being reduced to $599. The high demand for the Saga in both the primary and secondary markets prompted #Solana Mobile to develop a new smartphone. In the secondary market, the price of the Saga even surpassed $5,000.

The surge of interest in the Saga smartphone was fueled by the #BONK token issue. According to Solana Labs co-founder #Anatoly Yakovenko, despite the fact that the smartphone was named the worst smartphone of 2023, the first sales of the gadget were considered a failure.

As of now, Solana Mobile has not announced any details about the release date of the new smartphone.

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