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What is Astar Network?

Crypto Projects Reviews: What is Astar Network?

Astar Network is the most popular Tier 1 blockchain in #Japan that supports smart contracts on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (#EVM) and WebAssembly (#WASM), and enables full interoperability between the two using a cross-virtual machine. Astar Network is a parachain in the #Polkadot network that is friendly to developers, tools and the languages they use.

Astar Network Overview

Astar Network helps developers build decentralized applications (#dApps) and #Layer 2 solutions by providing interoperable Web 3.0 infrastructure, financial incentives, incubation programs and technical support. It aims to provide the best solution for all developers by supporting EVM and creating a parachain where EVM and WASM smart contracts can coexist and interact with each other.

Astar connects the Polkadot ecosystem with Tier 1 blockchains such as #Ethereum and #Cosmos. It is a Polkadot parachain and has been designed as a multichain hub for decentralized Polkadot applications such as #DeFi protocols, #NFT marketplaces or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (#DAO) where developers can focus on building applications beyond the infrastructure.

Astar Network technical features

  1. Ethereum compatibility: Astar supports EVM, allowing developers to port their existing Ethereum smart contracts to Astar without having to rewrite their code.
  2. WASM support: Astar also supports WebAssembly (WASM), which allows developers to use other programming languages such as #Rust, C++, and Go to create smart contracts.
  3. Cross-Virtual Machine: Astar has a cross-virtual machine that provides full interoperability between EVM and WASM #smart contracts. This allows developers to create hybrid applications by combining the functionality of EVM and WASM smart contracts.
  4. Polkadot Parachain: Astar is a parachain in the Polkadot network, which means it can interact with other Polkadot-connected blockchains and provide asset and data portability between them.
  5. Infrastructure and developer tools: Astar offers various infrastructure and developer tools such as Astar Studio (integrated development environment), Astar Portal (portal to interact with the network), Astar Bridge (bridge to transfer assets between Astar and other blockchains) and others.


Astar Network is built using the #Proof-of-Stake nominated consensus mechanism and is a Polkadot parachain. Thus it inherits the security of the underlying Polkadot network due to its segmented design and common security framework.

Applications of Astar Network

  1. Developing decentralized applications (dApps): Developers can use Astar to build and deploy their own decentralized applications, including DeFi protocols, NFT marketplaces, prediction markets, and more.
  2. Creating smart contracts in different programming languages: Astar supports not only EVM smart contracts but also WASM smart contracts, allowing developers to use different programming languages to create smart contracts, including Rust, C++, and Go.
  3. Integration with other blockchains: Astar is a parachain in the Polkadot network, which allows it to interact with other blockchains connected to Polkadot. This opens up opportunities to move assets and data between different blockchains and create hybrid applications.
  4. Participate in the Polkadot ecosystem: Astar gives developers the opportunity to join the Polkadot ecosystem and take advantage of all the benefits this powerful platform offers, including security, scalability and asset portability.

Overall, Astar Network provides developers with all the tools and resources they need to build innovative and powerful decentralized blockchain-based applications.

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